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Sat., February 21, 2015 (2 PM)
410 Sprints
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July 10, 1953



NEWS Last Updated: Dec 16th, 2014 - 13:07:49

NEWS : Results Archive : 2013 Results
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Jeff Rohrbaugh scores second win of the year in “358” sprint main


ABBOTTSTOWN, PA, 7/18/13 – “It’s always great racing here at Lincoln. I never thought in a million years I’d be able to get past Fred (Rahmer) and Alan (Krimes). They’re the ones who are good right now and we just got lucky and were running were they really weren’t, so just a set of circumstances that benefited us…but we’ll take it.”


So said Greg Hodnett after scoring his second Lincoln win of the year in the 30-lap Premier AutoWorks/Auto Locator Night feature at Lincoln Speedway Thursday night.


Time trials and an inversion of four put Hodnett on the inside of row two for the start. And for most of the race, Hodnett was racing with sixth-starting and points leader Fred Rahmer for second.


Polesitter Steve Owings led the first three laps before fast time timer and fourth-starting Alan Krimes grabbed the race lead. As Krimes appeared to have the race under control, Hodnett and Rahmer swapped second several times, with Hodnett moving into second on lap five, Rahmer getting by Owings for third on a sixth lap restart, Rahmer passing Hodnett on lap seven, Hodnett reclaiming the spot on lap 11, Rahmer passing Hodnett for second on lap 16, and Hodnett driving back around Rahmer on lap 27.


But this time, Hodnett meant business, closing on Krimes and driving past the Conestoga Valley Garage #87 as they passed under the flagstand with two laps to go.


“I’m sure those guys told Alan he needed to be on the bottom, because Fred was coming a ton,” said Hodnett, “We just slowed down enough where we could run around the top. I was driving in too straight there for a long time, and I just started yahoo’in it in there…kinda driving more like ‘idiot style.’ I just kinda’ backed it in there until I hit something, and it worked out for us.”


Hodnett’s biggest lead was at the end, crossing .56 seconds ahead of Krimes, with Rahmer settling for third (his 40th straight top ten finish in the Northeast in 2013), Jim Siegel coming from tenth starting spot to finish fourth, and ninth-starting Logan Schuchart fifth.


Rounding out the top ten were Brent Marks (who came from the rear after suffering motor problems and failing to take time trial laps), Adam Wilt, Brian Montieth, Kyle Moody, and Cory Haas.


Fast time in time trial was set by Krimes over the 20-car field with a one-lap time of 13.465-seconds (100.260 MPH). Heats for the “410” Sprinters were won by Tim Glatfelter, Ryan Smith, and Schuchart.


Former two-time track champ Jeff Rohrbaugh scored his second win of the year and the ninth Lincoln win of his career in the 20-lap “358” sprint car feature.


Rohrbaugh started seventh after an opening-lap seven-car crash that resulted in flips by Jay Galloway and Austin Reed. Both drivers and the drivers of the cars they collected were uninjured.


Duane Watson, driving in only his third “358” sprint car race, led the first two laps from pole before yielding to Rohrbaugh, who dominated until the middle stages of the race. Two mid-race red flags (one for a flipping Tyler Ross and the other for a flipping third-place Matt Campbell) gave second-place Doug Hammaker new life.


Hammaker challenged Rohrbaugh the rest of the way, with the two leaders crossing side-by-side on the front stretch with three laps to go. Rohrbaugh finally took command again with two to go, driving away to a 1.35-second win. Hammaker, celebrating his 23rd birthday, finished second, with Chase Dietz, Niki Young, and Tim Wagaman completing the top five. Young came from the back after switching to his son’s #17 car after flipping the C&G Auto Group #65 in his qualifying event.


Sixth through tenth were Ryan Wilson (who came from the back after the opening lap melee), Dale Hammaker, Watson, Brian Allman, and Chandler Leiby.


Heats for the 30 “358” Sprinters on hand were won by Ryan Greth (running his first Lincoln 358 sprint car race), Brock Zearfoss (driving the John Westbrook #1W), and Rohrbaugh, with Young winning the consolation.

Jul 18, 2013, 23:04

NEWS : Results Archive : 2013 Results
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Austin Hogue claims 358 sprint championship event; Walls finish first, second, and third in thundercars


ABBOTTSTOWN, PA, 7/13/13 – Jim Siegel made pulled a late-race slider on race-long leader Kyle Moody to claim another 410 sprint car thriller at Lincoln Speedway Saturday night.


“My hat’s off to Kyle (Moody). He ran a really good race and made one mistake on the restart, and that was it,” said Siegel upon exiting his Mason-Dixon Vault Company #59 in victory lane, “He’s young and has a lot of talent behind him, and they’re doing it on a shoe-string budget, so I have a lot of respect for a kid like that can come out and run up front like that. He did everything right until the end, and I got a good restart.”


“I was planning on doing a flyer in one and two,” said Siegel, “I thought that would be my only chance because he was pretty good on top. I thought if I could get alongside him and rattle him or get him up over the cushion…but he went to the bottom, and I thought it was too good to be true.”


Handicapping placed Siegel eighth for the start. The early stages of the race were dominated by second starting Moody and fifth starting Adam Wilt. Moody drove around polesitter Hunter Mackison in the first two turns, and Wilt caught Mackison for second on lap five, just before the first caution came out for a spinning Glenndon Forsythe in turn four. During the caution, defending champ Danny Dietrich stopped in turn two with a flat right rear tire. He was able to rejoin the field and came back to finish seventh.


Moody and Wilt ran away from the field between laps six and 12, but Wilt slowed on lap 13 and went to the infield. Billy Dietrich assumed second, followed by Alan Krimes and Mackison. One lap later, Siegel moved past Mackison into fourth.


Mackison and Montieth brought out the caution flag on lap 18, when the two made contact on the front stretch and Montieth sustained front-end damage after hitting the outside guardrail.


Krimes and Siegel raced wheel-to-wheel on the restart, with Siegel making the pass on lap 20. Two laps later, Siegel got around Dietrich for the runner-up spot. The red came out on lap 23 for Jordan Mackison, who was uninjured in a violent barrel roll in turn two.


Siegel pulled the slider on Moody in turns three and four of the restart, and led the final three laps to claim his second win of the year and ninth career win in the Pigeon Hills.


Moody, seeking his first-ever 410 sprint win, settled for second, with Dietrich third, Krimes fourth, and Fred Rahmer coming from 20th starting spot (after flipping in his heat) to cross fifth. Sixth through tenth were Ryan Smith, Danny Dietrich, Stevie Smith, Brent Marks, and J.J. Grasso.


Heats for the 26 “410” Sprinters on hand were won by Krimes, Stevie Smith, and Montieth.


Central Pennsylvania points leader Austin Hogue drove a heavily-smoking race car to the win in the 25-lap 358 sprint car championship event. Hogue’s motor blew on a last-lap restart, and, with the help of two lapped cars between himself and second-place Kevin Nouse, he was able to baby his car to the finish for his third Lincoln win of the year and the $1,500 top prize.


“This thing sounded like an old Ford tractor,” exclaimed Hogue upon exiting his Livingston’s Lawn Care/BAPS Auto Paints and Supply #52 following his sixth overall win of the year, “Dick Smith (engine builder) told me to always keep going if I’m in the lead, and I don’t know how it stayed together.”


It didn’t. Motor parts and oil were removed from the racing surface during victory lane ceremonies.


Invader Kevin Nouse settled for second, with Jeff Rohrbaugh, Brent Marks (subbing in the John Westbrook #1W), and 15th-starting Dale Hammaker completed the top five. Rounding out the top ten were 12th-starting Ryan Wilson, Cris Eash, Isaac Sneeringer, Austin Reed, and 20th-starting and hard charger Brie Hershey.


Heats for the 34 “358” Sprinters on hand were won by Wilson, Hogue, Sneeringer, and Reed, with Chris Arnold winning the consolation.


I was a family affair in the 20-lap thundercar feature as Bryan Walls passed race-long leader and brother Will Walls with 2 laps to go for the lead. Then he had to hang in a two-lap dash to the checkered which saw Will and their older brother Mike all chase him over the final laps. In the end, Bryan was able to hold them off to pick up his fifth thundercar feature win in-a-row, the sixth of the year and the 16th of his career.


Will and Mike Walls settled for second and third, followed by Danny Beard and Jason Townsend in fourth and fifth respectively.


Completing the top-10 were Mikey Guise, Todd Miller, Wayne Dutterer, Jamie Zentmyer, and Greg Emlet, Sr.


Heats for the Thundercars were won by Will Walls and Miller.

Jul 13, 2013, 23:47

NEWS : Results Archive : 2013 Results


ABBOTTSTOWN, PA, 7/13/2013 - The Notre Dame Club of Gettysburg is an Alumni Association club which is very active in the community and has worked to assist God's Meal Barrel through relationships with local businesses and member donations.
TONIGHT the club will be collecting non-perishable food items for God's Meal Barrel, Saturday July 13th between 5:30 and 8 pm at both the East and West general admission gates. Please look for their tables set up just outside the entrance gates.

Jul 13, 2013, 12:20

NEWS : Results Archive : 2013 Results
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Lehman bests field of 51 in Race Saver “305” sprint multi-region event;

Doty takes second straight in All-American Outlaws


ABBOTTSTOWN, PA, 7/6/13 – Ryan Wilson has his confidence back after coming from ninth starting spot to score his second win of the year and third of his Lincoln career in another Pigeon Hills thriller Saturday night.


“I needed this one bad,” said Wilson upon exiting his Through-It-All Auto Body #29 in victory lane, “My confidence level was lower than the dirt here at Lincoln Speedway, and this just brought it back up.  This is awesome!”


Handicapping placed Cody Fletcher and Isaac Sneeringer on the front row for the 20-lap event.  Sneeringer led the first five laps before sixth-starting Chase Dietz grabbed the top spot on lap six.  One lap later, both eighth-starting Tyler Ross and tenth-starting Niki Young got by Sneeringer for second and third.


After the only caution of the event came out for a two-car spin in turns three and four, Wilson entered the picture.  He caught Young for third in turn three of lap 12, and quickly closed on the two leaders.  From lap 14 to the end, it was all-out warfare between the top three.


Dietz, Ross, and Wilson were three-wide in turn four of lap 14, and Ross was scored the leader of lap 15.  On the next lap, Wilson drove around Ross for the lead, but that’s about when the leaders hit lapped traffic.


Wilson, who rode the cushion throughout the race, crossed 1.37 seconds ahead of Ross, with Dietz settling for third, Young crossing fourth, and Jay Galloway completing the top five.  Sixth through tenth were Austin Hogue, Tim Wagaman, Jeff Rohrbaugh, Sneeringer, and Brie Hershey.


Heats for the 27 “358” Sprinters on hand were won by Ross, Young, and Wilson, with Ashley Cappetta taking her first career Lincoln checkered flag in winning the consolation.


Enola’s Cody Lehman bested the most dominant driver of the year in the 20-lap Race Saver regional event for 305 sprints.  Lehman started fourth and chased down polesitter and race-long leader Eric Parker to take the lead on the 14th lap.  After that, he led the rest of the way, holding off eighth-starting Logan Wagner to become only the third driver in 21 races over the years to become a repeat winner in 305 sprint competition in the Pigeon Hills.


Four different regional sanctioning bodies were represented in the event.  Tri-State Race Saver (TSRS) driver Rick Stief crossed third behind the PASS leaders, with PASS drivers Lance Newlin and Parker completing the top five.


Heats for the 51 RaceSaver (305) Sprints on hand were won by Logan Wagner, Rory Janney, John Braim, Rick Stief, and Lehman, with Mark Watkins and Gary Palmer winning twin consolations.


Randy Doty matched Wilson’s fete in coming from ninth spot to win the 20-lap All-American Outlaw feature.  And he did it in thrilling style, catching polesitter and race-long leader Fred Cullum in the final turn.

Cullum settled for a disappointing second, with Todd Paul, Scott Jorda, and Steve Jorda rounding out the top five.


Heats for the All American Outlaws were won by Fred Cullum and Scott Jorda.

Jul 6, 2013, 23:23

NEWS : Results Archive : 2013 Results
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Scott Haudeshell wins first ever in national qualifier for Central PA Legends


ABBOTTSTOWN, PA, 7/4/13 – “Obviously it’s seven grand, but that’s far from the purpose. It was the Kevin Grobrecht Memorial. I don’t think there’s a driver that can stand out here that had more of a relationship with him than me. We all grew up together…we beat on each other…and this is a great night to win.”


So said Stevie Smith after picking up a thrilling win in Thursday night’s 14th Annual Kevin Grobrecht Memorial PA Speedweek show at Lincoln Speedway.


“At one point in time, the Gobrechts and I were worried about football. We weren’t really into racing,” said Smith, “I think we got tired of running up and down the field, so we all started looking at race cars. I actually sold Kevin his first go cart and that’s where he started. We dragged him to the races with us, and we got away from each other for many years because I was running the Outlaws and he was running local. Then he started running on the road and that’s when we got right back together again. His death was a sad time, but I think it’s amazing the power he still has behind him from the fans here all these years later.”


For the second straight Lincoln Speedweek show, Smith set fast time. But then he pulled the #8 pill for the inversion, putting him on the outside of row four for the start beside Saturday night Speedweek winner Alan Krimes.


Smith got off to a tremendous start, moving into fourth by the end of the second lap. He caught polesitter J.J. Grasso for third on lap four.


Speedweek points leader Sam Hafertepe, Jr. led the first three laps from outside the first row before third-starting Brent Marks took the lead on lap four. From there, Marks pulled away to a 2.66-second lead by the time the leader hit lapped traffic on lap 11.


Smith followed Marks and Hafertepe the next two laps before Grasso spun in turn four while running fourth, bringing out the only caution of the race on lap 13.


Mark, Hafertepe, and Smith ran first through third the next six laps, and a surging Alan Krimes entered the picture when he caught Brian Montieth for fourth on lap 18.


Things got interesting with six laps to go, as Smith finally caught Hafertepe for second, and Krimes caught Hafertepe for third a lap later.


The race quickly became a three-car battle for the win with three laps to go.


Smith grabbed the lead from Marks as the three leaders drove nearly side-by-side under the white flag. Smith was scored the leader of the lap, and held off both Marks and Krimes in another three-wide run under the checkered flag.


“Krimes has been the fastest car here in the features at Lincoln,” said Smith, “And sure enough if he wasn’t on my back bumper. I was trying to just make sure I didn’t miss the bottom and run it a little easier than I should because I wanted to make sure I was on it coming off. Brent had that momentum, and I’m sure when he saw me the one time he was making a little more momentum. I was able to hold off Krimes and stay in front of Brent. It was a good night. That’s all there was to it.”


Smith’s win was the 24th in his Lincoln career, and he became the 10th different winner in 19 races at Lincoln this year.


Crossing fourth was Hafertepe, who maintained his Speedweek points lead, with Danny Dietrich spinning backwards across the line in fifth. Sixth through tenth were Montieth, Fred Rahmer, Jim Siegel, Glenndon Forsythe, and Lance Dewease.


Heats for the Sprinters were won by Hafertepe, Grasso, Adam Wilt, and Rahmer, with Aaron Ott winning the B-Main. Fast time in time trials over the 39-car field was set by Stevie Smith with a one-lap time of 13.506-seconds (99.956 MPH).


Marysville’s Scott Haudeshell raced to his first Lincoln career win in the INEX national qualifier for the Central PA Legends. Haudeshell led every lap despite heavy pressure from Bill Diehl, Scott Gobrecht, and Bob Stough over the last several laps. In a wild four-car race for the lead, Gobrecht took third from Stough on lap 12, and Stough returned the favor on the final lap. Cody Haines finished fifth.


After a first lap caution for former Lincoln winners Harlon Leppo and Lucas Montgomery, the race was restarted and went non-stop in a time of 5 minutes, 12.28 seconds.


Heats for the Central PA Legends were won by Stough, Gobrecht, and Diehl, with Chris Transeau winning the consolation.

Jul 4, 2013, 23:24

NEWS : Results Archive : 2013 Results
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Randy Doty wins rain-shortened All-American Outlaw feature


ABBOTTSTOWN, PA, 6/29/13 – Sometimes, it’s just your night. And race number two of Pennsylvania Speedweek belonged to Alan Krimes at Lincoln Speedway Saturday night.


Krimes turned fourth-quick time and finished fourth in his heat. Both Stevie Smith and Fred Rahmer finished in to top two of their heat, putting Krimes into the inversion for the feature. When Smith picked pill number four for the inversion, Krimes found himself on the pole for the “A” Main.


And he didn’t waste the opportunity, outrunning 168-time Lincoln winner and 13-time Speedweek champion Rahmer to the first turn and leading every lap of the 30-lap, $5,000-to-win event for his third Lincoln win of the year.


Lapped traffic also played into his favor in the feature.


“I was pretty good on the top early,” said Krimes upon exiting his Conestoga Valley Garage/Krimes Racing Engines #87 in victory lane, “And then that yellow came out and I wasn’t as good on the top. I kinda stayed up there, but once I got around lapped cars that were running the bottom I moved down, and I felt a little bit better down there.”


The bottom was where Rahmer was running, and although he couldn’t catch Krimes, he did complete a solid run to continue his string of top ten finishes in every race he’s run this year. Krimes’ final margin of victory in his 13th career Lincoln win was 3.28 seconds.


“If Stevie and Rahmer don’t finish first or second in their heat, we have no chance,” continued Krimes, “I knew it was gonna be tough to run first or second in our heat with Siegel and Lasoski and Hodnett all ahead of us. I’ve never been more happy to see Fred Rahmer finish second in his heat! I was sitting in the car getting ready to go out for our heat, and they told me he got second...and then he was back to third...and then he got Marks back, and I was pretty happy in the car.”


Third through fifth were Stevie Smith, Brian Montieth, and 16th-starting Lance Dewease, who caught Adam Wilt as the two passed under the white flag. Seventh through tenth behind Wilt were Sam Hafertepe, Jr., Brent Marks, 21st-starting Cory Haas, and Jim Siegel.


Heats for the Sprinters were won by Montieth, Wilt, Danny Dietrich, and Siegel, with Nicole Bower winning the B-Main.

Fast time in time trials over the 36-car field was set by Stevie Smith with a one-lap time of 13.251-seconds (101.879 MPH).


Randy Doty dropped three spots from his outside front row starting spot, then worked his way back to the lead to win the rained-shortened 17-lap All American Outlaw feature. The race was checkered during an 18-lap red flag for a seven-car melee in turns three and four.


Justin Cullum caught polesitter and early-race leader Hunter Nester for the runner-up spot just before the red flag came out. Nester was credited with third, followed by Fred Cullum and Al Daniels.


Heats for the All American Outlaws were won by Nester and Doty.

Jun 29, 2013, 22:46

NEWS : Results Archive : 2013 Results
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Tim Wagaman claims first career Lincoln win in “358” sprints; Walls makes it 5 out of 7 in thundercars


ABBOTTSTOWN, PA, 6/22/13 – Greg Hodnett came to Lincoln Saturday night to prepare for the 23rd Annual Pennsylvania Speedweek. He’s prepared.


Hodnett, who has had an up-and-down season after suffering a serious hand injury and missing several races earlier this year, scored his 26th career win in the Pigeon Hills, moving him past Steve Siegel into sole possession of 11th place on the all-time Lincoln win list.


“It’s been a really, really long time since I’ve been here,” reflected Hodnett upon exiting his Eagle Steel/Trone Outdoor Advertising #39 in victory lane, “We’ve really been struggling, so to come away with a win here is pretty important to us. You’ve got a great group of cars here. We were pretty fortunate to get a starting spot toward the front and get the car running pretty decent.”


“Those guys have pretty much been kickin’ our ass all year,” continued Hodnett, “We decided to do something totally different tonight, and it kinda’ worked. I don’t know if it will next week, but it did tonight. That’s one of the reasons we came down again this week, because we know Speedweek comes through Lincoln and Williams Grove two races each, and we definitely have to get better here and face the un-daunting challenge of Lincoln Speedway.”


Cory Haas started on the pole and led the first 18 laps before Hodnett drove around him exiting turn two of lap 19. Hodnett started fifth and ran there the first four laps before passing Robbie Kendall for fourth on lap five. He caught Gerard McIntyre, Jr. for third on lap eight, and passed Todd Rittenhouse, Jr. for second on lap 11.


Although Haas dominated the first half of the race, an 18th-lap caution for a spinning Kendall on turn two put Hodnett on Haas’ back bumper for the restart. Hodnett chased Haas for a lap before making the race-winning pass.


From there, he drove away to a 1.06-second win, with Haas settling for second. Points leader Fred Rahmer came from 12th starting spot to cross third, extending his season-long streak of top-ten finishes to 31 straight.

Stevie Smith and Alan Krimes completed the top five, with McIntyre, Brian Montieth, Jim Siegel, BAPS driver Brent Marks, and Billy Dietrich rounding out the top ten.


Heats for the 29 “410” Sprinters were won by Haas, Krimes, and Montieth, with Glenndon Forsythe winning the consolation.


Not too many drivers win a track title before winning their first career feature, but Tim Wagaman did it in the “358” sprint division Saturday night.


The defending track champ took to the top side to come from sixth starting spot and score his first-ever Lincoln win. Once he caught race-long leader Isaac Sneeringer for the lead, Wagaman had to protect the low side from a charging Tyler Ross, who caught Sneeringer for second one-lap later and actually drove under Wagaman once in a pass that was negated by a caution flag.  


Wagaman’s final margin of victory was a scant .75 seconds, with Ross second and BAPS team driver Tim Berkheimer third. Hard charger and Lincoln points leader Niki Young came from 12th starting spot to finish fourth, with Sneeringer settling for fifth. Rounding out the top ten were BAPS team driver Austin Hogue, Chase Dietz, Jordan Givler, Chandler Leiby, and Mark Smith.


Heats for the 29 “358” Sprints were won by Smith, Jay Galloway, and Ross, with Brie Hershey winning the consolation.


Brian Walls picked up his fifth win in seven races in the 20-lap thundercar feature. Walls started last in the ten-car field and drove past race-long leader Mikey Guise on lap nine en route to his 15th career Lincoln win.


Guise crossed second 4.93 seconds behind the winner, with Wayne Dutterer, Todd Miller, and Jimmy Combs completing the top five.

Jun 22, 2013, 23:20

NEWS : Results Archive : 2013 Results

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Points leader Niki Young comes from 10th to score “358” sprint car win

ABBOTTSTOWN, PA, 6/15/13 – There was no lack of talent in Saturday night’s All-Star Circuit of Champions “A” Main at Lincoln Speedway, but none of them were a match for Denver’s Alan Krimes, who dominated en route to a four-second win and the $5,000 top prize.


After finishing second in the dash, Krimes started beside Stevie Smith on the front row. He beat Smith to the first turn and was never seriously challenged.


“Getting him (Smith) on the start was everything there. I was actually surprised I could turn in off his right rear and pass him down there,” said Krimes upon exiting his Conestoga Valley Garage #87 in victory lane, “That was the biggest move of the race as far as I’m concerned. Getting ahead of Stevie, because he’s a hell of a driver.”


“My goal is to win a World of Outlaw show and an All-Star show, and I’m half-way,” quipped Krimes, “You’re never sure how far you are ahead of everybody else when you’re running out there. We were getting through lapped traffic pretty good, and I knew somebody else was going to have to be really good to beat us.”


“We actually started slowing down there at the end,” said Krimes, “But I was hoping I had enough of lead to hold them off at the end.”


Krimes didn’t know that everyone else was slowing down at the end, too. Krimes maintained a three-to-four second lead over the entire second half of the 30-lap event.


If Krimes was half of the show, Danny Dietrich was the other half. Dietrich started sixth after finishing last in the dash, and bounced off the second turn wall several times in catching Lance Dewease for third on lap 18 and Smith for the runner-up spot on lap 22.


“Danny must have been real good,” added Krimes, “The track was pretty tough to pass on. To come from sixth to second was a great job.”

The last 24 laps of the race went non-stop, with the only caution of the night for a spin by Steve Storrie and Greg Hodnett after colliding in turn one of lap six.


Smith settled for third, with Dewease and tenth-starting Fred Rahmer completing the top five. Rahmer, the current Central PA and Lincoln point series leader, continued his amazing streak of top-ten finishes, which now sits at 28 straight races.


Sixth through tenth were Tim Shaffer, Brent Marks, Dale Blaney, Jim Siegel, and Aaron Ott.


Heats were won by Gerard McIntyre, Jr., Jac Haudenschild, Nicole Bower, and Brian Montieth.

Dale Blaney won the B-Main while Stevie Smith won the Dash. Fast time in time trials over the 35-car field was set by Shaffer with a one-lap time of 13.286-seconds (101.611 MPH).


Points leader Niki Young came from tenth starting spot to score his second win of the year in the 20-lap “358” sprint car feature. Matt Findley led the first lap from the outside of the front row before polesitter Chris Arnold grabbed the top spot on lap two.


By lap three, Young was in third. He caught Findley for second on lap five, tracked down Arnold over the next three laps, and raced wheel-to-wheel with the Re/Max #23 for the next five laps before diving under Arnold to make the race-winning pass in turns one and two of lap 13.


Arnold settled for second, with Findley third, rookie and one-time 2013 Chase Dietz fourth, and Matt Mountz fifth.


Heats for the 18 “358” Sprints on hand were won by Young and Tyler Ross.

Jun 15, 2013, 23:47

NEWS : Results Archive : 2013 Results
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Tyler Ross scores career first in “358” sprints; Points leader Brian Walls win fourth of ’13 in thundercars


ABBOTTSTOWN, PA, 6/8/13 – Last time Fred Rahmer won a feature at Lincoln Speedway, his good friend Dick Berggren was there to watch. This time, his good friend Tony Stewart was in the field.


Fred Rahmer held off the challenges of Brian Montieth and Lance Dewease to claim Saturday night’s 25-lap Darryl Gohn/Glenn Gohn, Sr. Memorial for “410” sprint cars Saturday night. In the process, Rahmer continued his amazing run of 26 top-ten finishes in 26 races in the Northeast this year, established a post-weight rule record of 6-minutes, 20.436 seconds for 25 laps, and claimed a total of $4,445 in winnings as part of the memorial event.


The Gohn family and their sponsors for the night added $1,125 to the $3,200 winner’s share. Rahmer also collected a $50 bonus from Thornton Chevrolet for leading lap 16 and picked up a $70 bonus for winning his heat. The win was Rahmer’s division-leading 168th of his career in the Pigeon Hills.


Points handicapping placed Fast Freddie seventh for the start. Both he and eighth-starting Montieth caught Ryan Smith to move into fourth and fifth, respectively, on lap six. Rahmer caught second-starting Steve Storrie for third on lap nine, and then drove around Gerard McIntyre, Jr. for second on lap 13.


Rahmer caught polesitter and race-long leader Todd Rittenhouse, Jr. on lap 15, and led the rest of the way despite late-race pressure from Montieth and a rapidly-closing Lance Dewease, who started tenth.


Completing the top five were Rittenhouse and McIntyre. Sixth through tenth were 12th-starting Danny Dietrich, Smith, Robbie Kendall, Adam Wilt, and Greg Hodnett.


Among the competitors Saturday night was three-time NASCAR champion Tony Stewart, who started and finished 13th.


Heats for the 33 “410” Sprints on hand were won by Danny Dietrich, Montieth, Rahmer, and McIntyre, with Cory Haas winning the consolation.


Lincoln University’s Tyler Ross became the third driver in the past four races to claim his first career “358” sprint car win. Like Rahmer in the 410’s, Ross started seventh in the 20-lap feature. He advanced to third by the end of the seventh lap, caught front-row starter Chris Arnold for second on lap eight, and drove around polesitter and race-long leader Brian Allman for the lead as the two #5’s were coming off turn four to complete lap 11.


From there, Ross drove away to a 1.59-second win over 12th-staring Austin Hogue. Third through fifth were ninth-starting Jeff Rohrbaugh, Dale Hammaker, and Allman. Sixth through tenth were Niki Young, Matt Findley, Jay Galloway, Tim Wagaman, and Arnold.


Heats for the 27 “358” Sprints on hand were won by Wagaman, Findley, and Dale Hammaker, with Doug Hammaker winning the consolation.


Points leader Brian Walls came from 12th starting spot to claim his fourth win of the year in the 20-lap thundercar feature. It took only seven laps for Walls to drive around the rest of the field and take the lead from polesitter and race-long leader Donnie Murphy. Murphy kept it close the rest of the way, but crossed 1.53 seconds behind Walls. Third through fifth were Wayne Dutterer, Jamie Zentmyer, and Todd Miller.


Heats for the Thundercars were won by Danny Beard and Brian Walls.

Jun 8, 2013, 23:00

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Bobby Beard holds off Lear and Billet to score 358 late model win


ABBOTTSTOWN, PA, 6/5/13 – Four-time track champ Rick Eckert returned to his roots to claim the 40-lap Appalachian Mountain Dirt Late Model Speedweek finale at Lincoln Speedway Wednesday night.


The win, Eckert’s second straight Speedweek win and 24th of his career in the Pigeon Hills, was worth $7,000, including a $2,000 bonus from Terry Grinestaff of Advanced Realty Service and Consultants as part of the Sixth Annual Chargin’ Charlie Grinestaff Memorial.


After time trialing second quick behind Gene Knaub, Eckert drew seventh for the feature event. Series champ Gregg Satterlee took the lead from the outside pole and led the first 36 laps before Eckert drove around him exiting turn four of lap 37.


“I was doing my best Brian Montieth impersonation!” exclaimed Eckert after scoring his third win in six races in the Paul Crowl #7, “I knew I had to catch Gregg by going to the top, but Jason (Covert) was there and I wasn’t quite sure what to do.”


His mission was simplified when Covert pulled up lame while battling Satterlee for the lead on the back stretch of lap 34.


Eckert reached the top four by catching polesitter David Williams following a 13th-lap restart. He ran behind Satterlee, Davey Johnson, and Covert until Covert came to a stop in turn four.


Eckert caught Williams at the line for the runner-up spot at the flagstand to complete lap 35, and ran down Satterlee at the line as the leaders completed lap 37. From there Eckert drove to an uncontested .81-second win over Satterlee, with ninth-starting Vic Coffey coming on late to cross third, 19th-starting and hard-charger Dan Stone fourth, and Davey Johnson fifth.


Competing the top ten were Dylan Yoder, Jamie Lanthrum, John Garvin, Gene Knaub, and Gary Stuhler.


Heats for the Super Late Models were won by Lanthrum, Eckert, and Covert, with Stone winning the B-Main.

Knaub set fast time over the 32-car Late Model field with a one-lap time of 15.997 seconds (84.391 MPH)


Bobby Beard ended an eventful night by winning the 20-lap “358” late model feature event.


Beard, who spun in his heat and came back to finish fourth, took advantage of a 12-car inversion draw to start beside Devin Frey on the front row. Beard grabbed the lead entering turn one and was never headed.


Kyle Lear, who won the first qualifier and drew the #12 inversion pill, came from 12th starting spot to finish second after swapping the runner-up spot several times with Chase Billet, who settled for third. Billy Wampler and Travis Mease completed the top five.


Heats for the “358” Late Models were won by Lear, Pat Beard, and Brad Shank, with Chris Knopp winning the consolation.

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