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ABBOTTSTOWN, PA , 2/23/13 – The driver known as “The Edge” took to the middle and bottom to claim his third “Icebreaker 30” win in the past five years at Lincoln Speedway Saturday afternoon.

“I can say more about this team,” said Montieth in victory lane, “I haven’t seen these guys since Christmas. Today was the first time I sat in this car. Everything’s where I need it to be, and it’s like we never left off.”

Montieth finished fourth in his heat and drew pill #7 for the feature start, but advanced to fourth after a crash took out the cars of Cory Haas and Hunter Mackison just in front of the starters stand at the drop of the green. Haas flipped several times and was shaken up, but was able to walk back to the pits done for the day. Also involved was outside front row starter Gerard McIntyre, Jr., who went to the pits for repairs. Glenndon Forsythe went to the pits to have Haas’ top wing removed from his car, and J.J. Grasso opted to the rear for the restart after sustaining front and top wing damage. Hunter Mackison was the other flip victim in the incident and was also done for the day.


On the restart, new front row starter Scott Geesey, driving the Paul Stein #B52, grabbed the lead from polesitter Alan Krimes. A caution flag for Jordan Mackison (who stopped in turn four) turned into a red when 2012 opening day winner Adam Wilt flipped into the catch fence and came back onto the track in turn two.


The single-file restart saw Geesey led Krimes, Montieth, Fred Rahmer, and Logan Schuchart, with Montieth catching Krimes for the runner-up spot on lap 8. Montieth then closed on Geesey and made the race-winning pass in turns one and two of lap 9.


From there, Montieth checked out on the field, crossing 6.873 seconds ahead of Krimes, who caught Geesey at the line to finish second.


“I’m just glad I didn’t use as many tear-offs as I thought I was going to have to,” said Montieth, “I had to run with my shield open just so I could see. Everything fogged up. I don’t know. It’s February and we’re racing…so I guess we’ll take it.”


Rahmer (driving the Bob Sell #20S) and defending champ Danny Dietrich (who flipped in his heat and started last in the feature) crossed fourth and fifth.


Completing the top ten were Ryan Wilson, Brent Marks, Ryan Smith (in the John Pinter #92), and Logan Schuchart (who suffered a flat tire in the closing laps and failed to reach the finish line).


Heats for the 17 Sprinters were won by McIntyre and Krimes.


Sat., February 23, 2013


Abbottstown, PA



Feature (30-Laps) - 1. 21-Brian Montieth ($3,500); 2. 87-Alan Krimes; 3. B52-Scott Geesey; 4. 20S-Fred Rahmer; 5. 48-Danny Dietrich; 6. 29-Ryan Wilson; 7. 19M-Brent Marks; 8. 92-Ryan Smith; 9. 1S-Logan Schuchart (DNF); 10. 14-Gerard McIntyre, Jr. (-1); 11. 8-Billy Dietrich (-1); 12. 1080-Jordon Mackison (DNF); 13. 5-Glenndon Forsythe (DNF); 14. 25-JJ Grasso (DNF); 15. 15-Adam Wilt (DNF); 16. 11C-Cory Haas (DNF); 17. 95-Hunter Mackison (DNF). No Time


Lap Leaders – Scott Geesey (1-8), Brian Montieth (9-30)


1st Heat (10 Laps) - 1. 14-Gerard McIntyre, Jr.; 2. B52-Scott Geesey; 3. 8-Billy Dietrich; 4. 21-Brian Montieth; 5. 5-Glenndon Forsythe; 6. 92-Ryan Smith; 7. 29-Ryan Wilson; 8. 1080-Jordon Mackison; 9. 48-Danny Dietrich (DNF). No Time


2nd Heat (10 Laps) - 1. 87-Alan Krimes; 2. 25-JJ Grasso; 3. 20S-Fred Rahmer; 4. 11C-Cory Haas; 5. 1S-Logan Schuchart; 6. 15-Adam Wilt; 7. 19M-Brent Marks; 8. 95-Hunter Mackison (DNF). No Time

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