Sep 19, 2009, 23:59
Watson edges Gallagher in thundercar main; Korey Sites takes street stock feature

ABBOTTSTOWN, PA , 9/19/09 -Those who attended the 35th running of the "Lawrence Chevrolet Sportsman 100" at Lincoln Speedway Saturday night will remember it for a long time to come.

So will Scott Dellinger, who finally found victory lane for the first time this year and claimed the $4,000 top prize in super sportsman racing’s most prestigious event.

Dellinger started ninth and raced wheel-to-wheel with fellow competitors before moving into the top five on lap 18. Dellinger caught Mike Enders for fourth a lap later, and was still running there when third-starting Frankie Herr took the lead from second-starting and race-long leader Rich Eichelberger in turns three and four of lap 24.

Four laps later, Eichelberger clipped a lapped car while still running second and spun in turns three and four, bringing out the caution. He tagged the rear of the field for the restart.

Herr drove away from the field until losing a wheel in turns three and four of lap 34, striking the outside wall and ending his bid to become the first driver to win five "Sportsman 100s".

That handed the lead over to polesitter Leroy Martin, who found himself in front for the first time on the night. Martin paced the field until lap 61, when 21st-starting Carmen Perigo, Jr. completed his run through the field to grab the lead exiting turn four.

Four laps later, disaster struck for Perigo, as he broke a front axle on the front stretch, bringing out the mandatory red flag on lap 66. Perigo was able to make repairs during the 10-minute break, but the lead again belonged to Martin when the race resumed.

Martin led the next 22 laps before Dellinger made the race-winning pass entering turn one of lap 88.

Russ Mitten came from 11th-starting spot to catch Martin for second on lap 94, and Carmen Perigo completed an amazing run by passing Mitten for second on lap 97.

Perigo, who set fast time, bicycled while leading and failed to qualify in his heat, won the consi, and came from the back twice to finish second in the "Sportsman 100" for the fourth time in his career.

Mitten settled for third, with Martin fourth and Rich Eichelberger fifth.

Completing the top ten were Mike Enders, 14th-starting Danny Hager, 16th-starting Rick Barr, 24th-starting Eric Eckert, and 18th-starting Raymond Myers.

Fast time in time trials over the 36-car super sportsman field was set by Perigo, with a one-lap time of 15.698-seconds (85.998 MPH).

Sportsman heats were won by Rich Eichelberger, Gregg Foster, Doug Hendricks, and Frankie Herr, with Perigo winning the consolation.

Abbottstown’s Duane Watson came from his 11th starting position to win his sixth race of 2009 in the 20-lap thundercar feature. Watson passed Will Walls for the lead on the 11th lap, but had to hold off his rival and defending track champion Sam Gallagher in a in one-lap shoot-out to increase his point lead over Gallagher to 20 points with only two races remaining.

Will Walls, who took the lead from race-long leader Mikey Guise on the seventh lap, held on for third, with Gino Comi and Rick Weaver finishing fourth and fifth respectively.

Completing the top-10 were Al Crammer, Justin Mong, Jamie Zentmyer, Tom Walls, and Jeff Wilson.

Heats for the 22 Thundercars were won by Zentmyer, Gallagher, and Duane Watson.

Mechanicsbubrg’s Korey Sites came from his 11th starting spot to take the lead under the crossed-flags from Bob Gutshall and drove away to his second win of the year in the 20-lap street stock feature.

Gutshall settled for second with Dustin Hollinger, Steve Dove and Craig Morgan completing the top-five.

Next Saturday night, September 26th at 7 PM, Lincoln Speedway will once again host the Hank Gentzler Memorial Manufacturers Appreciation Race featuring the Lawrence Chevrolet 410 Sprints & Thundercars. Gates will open at 5 PM, with warm-ups at 6:30 PM, and Time trials getting underway at 7 PM.

To get all the latest news, results, schedule changes and rule changes, visit Lincoln Speedway's website at to stay up-to-date on all the action or pending weather conditions at Central Pennsylvania's "Premier" Saturday night race track - The Fabulous Lincoln Speedway.

Sat., September 19, 2009
Abbottstown, PA
(100 Laps) - 1. 30-Scott Dellinger ($4,000); 2. 93-Carmen Perigo, Jr.; 3. 77-Russ Mitten; 4. 66-Leroy Martin; 5. 8-Rich Eichelberger; 6. 3B-Mike Enders; 7. 55H-Danny Hager; 8. 00-Rick Barr; 9. 20-Eric Eckert; 10. 9K-Raymond Myers; 11. 88-Aaron Eichelberger; 12. 222-Jay Fannasy (-1); 13. 33-Ryan Rupp (-2); 14. 45-Dave Socks (-2); 15. 88W-Eric Walker (-2); 16. 59-Steve Wilbur (-3); 17. 41-Jim Shuttlesworth (DNF); 18. 10-Jason Fry (DNF); 19. 20-Bobby Hockenberry (DNF); 20. 99-Frankie Herr (DNF); 21. 32-Gregg Foster (DNF); 22. 55-Chad Criswell (DNF); 23. 80-Doug Hendricks (DNF); 24. 9G-Scott Grace (DNF). No Time

Lap Leaders - Rich Eichelberger (1-23), Frankie Herr (24-33), Leroy Martin (34-60); Carmen Perigo, Jr. (61-65); Leroy Martin (66-87), Scott Dellinger (88-100)

1st Heat (8 Laps/5 to qualify) - 1. 8-Rich Eichelberger; 2. 3B-Mike Enders; 3. 30-Scott Dellinger; 4. 55-Chad Criswell; 5. 88W-Eric Walker; 6. 6-Phil Griffin; 7. 93-Carmen Perigo Jr.; 8. 1ST-Tom Tomasko; 9. 71K-Adrian Shaffer (DNF). No Time

2nd Heat (8 Laps/5 to qualify) - 1. 32-Gregg Foster; 2. 66-Leroy Martin; 3. 33-Ryan Rupp; 4. 55H-Danny Hager; 5. 9K-Raymond Myers; 6. 41-Jim Shuttlesworth; 7. 20-Eric Eckert; 8. 340-Stan Wanner; 9. 17-Joe Bryson (DNF). Time - 2:06.35 (New 8-Lap Track Record, old record was 2:09.45 set by Bobby Weaver on 7/22/2006)

3rd Heat (8 Laps/5 to qualify) - 1. 80-Doug Hendricks; 2. 222-Jay Fannasy; 3. 77-Russ Mitten; 4. 25-Bobby Hockenberry; 5. 59-Steve Wilbur; 6. 91-Lanny Hake; 7. 35-Gary Johnston; 8. 20Y-Vance Yinger; 9. 17D-Jim Davis. Time - 2:06.66

4th Heat (8 Laps/5 to qualify) - 1. 99-Frankie Herr; 2. 45-Dave Socks; 3. 88-Aaron Eichelberger; 4. 00-Rick Barr; 5. 99G-Scott Grace; 6. 5-Dave Berkheimer; 7. 30R-Duaine Smith; 8. 10-Jason Fry; 9. 147-Lee Taylor, Jr. (DNF). Time - 2:07.64

Consolation (10 Laps/4 to qualify) - 1. 93-Carmen Perigo Jr.; 2. 10-Jason Fry; 3. 41-Jim Shuttlesworth; 4. 20-Eric Eckert; 5. 30R-Duaine Smith; 6. 5-Dave Berkheimer; 7. 6-Phil Griffin; 8. 35-Gary Johnston; 9. 1ST-Tom Tomasko; 10. 147-Lee Taylor Jr.; 11. 17D-Jim Davis; 12. 71K-Adrian Shaffer (DNF); 13. 91-Lanny Hake (DNF); 14. 340-Stan Wanner (DNF); 15. 17-Joe Bryson (DNF); 16. 20Y-Vance Yinger (DNF). No Time

Time Trials - 1. 93-Carmen Perigo Jr., 15.698 seconds (85.998 MPH); 2. 32-Gregg Foster, 15.734; 3. 80-Doug Hendricks, 15.898; 4. 99-Frankie Herr, 15.917; 5. 8-Rich Eichelberger, 15.922; 6. 66-Leroy Martin, 15.975; 7. 222-Jay Fannasy, 16.090; 8. 45-Dave Socks, 16.126; 9. 88W-Eric Walker, 16.139; 10. 33-Ryan Rupp, 16.158; 11. 59-Steve Wilbur, 16.160; 12. 88-Aaron Eichelberger, 16.170; 13. 3B-Mike Enders, 16.209; 14. 55H-Danny Hager, 16.233; 15. 77-Russ Mitten, 16.271; 16. 00-Rick Barr, 16.282; 17. 30-Scott Dellinger, 16.303; 18. 340-Stan Wanner, 16.333; 19. 25-Bobby Hockenberry, 16.354; 20. 99G-Scott Grace, 16.367; 21. 55-Chad Criswell, 16.368; 22. 9K-Raymond Myers, 16.402; 23. 91-Lanny Hake, 16.466; 24. 5-Dave Berkheimer, 16.482; 25. 6-Phil Griffin, 16.562; 26. 41-Jim Shuttlesworth, 16.594; 27. 35-Gary Johnston III, 16.610; 28. 147-Lee Taylor Jr., 16.629; 29. 71K-Adrian Shaffer, 16.819; 30. 20-Eric Eckert, 16.844; 31. 20Y-Vance Yinger, 16.960; 32. 30R-Duaine Smith, 16.962; 33. 1ST-Tom Tomasko, 17.079; 34. 17-Joe Bryson, 17.117; 35. 17D-Jim Davis, 17.811; 36. 10-Jason Fry, 18.519.

(20-Laps) - 1. 3W-Duane Watson; 2. 25-Sam Gallagher; 3. 21W-Will Walls; 4. 33-Gino Comi; 5. 70-Rick Weaver; 6. 9-Al Crammer; 7. 77-Justin Mong; 8. 81J-Jamie Zentmyer; 9. 44-Tom Walls; 10. 33J-Jeff Wilson; 11. 9C-Matt Conley; 12. 51-Bob Stough (DNF); 13. 1M-Duane McMillion (DNF); 14. 93-Mikey Guise (DNF); 15. 21N-Larry Neiderer (DNF); 16. 2W-Brian Walls (DNF); 17. 53J-Josh Ulrich (DNF); 18. 61-Mike Slaybaugh (DNF); 19. 3-Todd Miller (DNF); DNS: 54J-Jimmy Combs; 57-Brad Shank; 54-Kyle Martin. No time.

Lap Leaders - Mikey Guise (1-6); Will Walls (7-10); Duane Watson (11-20)

1st Heat (8 Laps/6 to qualify) - 1. 81J-Jamie Zentmyer; 2. 21N-Larry Neiderer; 3. 44-Tom Walls; 4. 54J-Jimmy Combs; 5. 1M-Duane McMillion; 6. 53J-Josh Ulrich; 7. 2W-Brian Walls (DNF); 8. 54-Joe Flynn (DNS). Time - 2:42.34

2nd Heat (8 Laps/6 to qualify) - 1. 25-Sam Gallagher; 2. 9-Al Crammer; 3. 21W-Will Walls; 4. 93-Mikey Guise; 5. 9C-Matt Conley; 6. 3-Todd Miller (DNF); 7. 57-Brad Shank (DNF). No Time

3rd Heat (8 Laps/6 to qualify) - 1. 3W-Duane Watson; 2. 33-Gino Comi; 3. 33J-Jeff Wilson; 4. 61-Mike Slaybaugh; 5. 51-Bob Stough; 6. 33J-Jeff Wilson; 7. 77-Justin Mong. Time - 2:35.08

(20 laps) - 1. 21K-Kory Sites; 2. 69-Bob Gutshall; 3. 5-Dustin Hollinger; 4. 22-Steve Dove; 5. 11-Craig Morgan; 6. 33-Joe Whitely; 7. 00-Pat McNeal; 8. 97-Devin Fry; 9. 71-Adrian Barnhart; 10. 11R-Jim Rost; 11. 16-Walt Lemmon; 12. 1-Paul Morgan; DNS - 26-MR Teal. No Time

Lap Leaders - Bob Gutshall (1-10), Kory Sites (11-20)

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