Saturday, September 10, 2022


Abbottstown, PA


FOUR FIRST TIME WINNERS IN ONE NIGHT; Dylan Yoder, Erick Walker & Tyler Knaub and Robbie Carroll Triumphant at Bobby Rudisill Memorial


Saturday, September 17, 2022 (7PM) Dirt Classic IX presented by Schmuck Lumber Company [rain date: Sunday, September 18]

Saturday, September 24, 2022 (9AM) PA Karting Grand Nationals

Saturday, October 1, 2022 (3PM) AMA Motorcycles, Quads and 600 Xcel Modifieds

Abbottstown, PA (September 10, 2022) – The Bobby Rudisill Memorial on Saturday night saw four different first-time winners at Lincoln Speedway. Dylan Yoder wired the field in the super late model feature, Eric Walker won in the Wingless Super Sportsman division, Tyler Knaub was victorious in Extreme Stocks and Robbie Carroll scored the win in the Limited Stocks.

Dylan Yoder started on the pole of the 40-lap feature with Cory Lawler lined up to his outside. The red flag came out on the initial start when Deshawn Gingerich got upside down in turn 2. Also collected were, Tyler Horst, Gene Knaub, Tyler Emory, Bernie Beard and Brian Booze.

The field lined up for a complete restart with Yoder shooting out to the lead. Lawler looked to the outside of Yoder for the lead which left the door open for Bryan Bernheisel to take second.

Trever Feathers brought out the caution on lap 1 when he stopped on the front stretch. Bernheisel, Lawler, Coleby Frye and Jason Covert lined up behind Yoder for the restart. The caution flag flew again on the restart when Bernie Beard spun in turn 1.

Covert got under Frye coming out of turn 2 for fourth and went to work on Lawler for third. Covert had the advantage going into turn 3 to take the spot on lap 4.

The yellow flag flew again on lap 7 when Travis Horan stopped in turn 4. The top five for the restart were Yoder, Bernheisel, Covert, Lawlor and Frye.

Frye was battling Lawlor for fourth on the restart when Gene Knaub joined to make it a three-car battle for the spot. Frye took the spot and Knaub followed sending Lawlor back to sixth. Randy Christine spun in turns 1 and 2 bringing the yellow flag out on lap 9.

Yoder led Bernheisel, Covert, Frye and Knaub for the restart. Knaub challenged Frye for fourth with Knaub taking the spot by inches on lap 11. Frye reclaimed fourth on lap 12 after passing Knaub on the back stretch.

Matt Murphy slowed on the back stretch on lap 16 bringing out the yellow.

Frye was looking for third and got out of shape but kept going and held onto fourth. Tyler Emory made his way into the top 5 on lap 20 after getting by Knaub.

Yoder found himself in lapped traffic on lap 24 and held the lead as he worked his way through traffic.

The caution came out on lap 30 when Scott Sweeney did a 360 spin in turn 4, making contact with Larry Neiderer.

The top five for the final restart of the race were Yoder, Bernheisel, Covert, Frye and Emory. Emory got a nose under Frye on the restart but Frye held on to fourth. Gary Stuhler took a look under Emory for fifth and had the spot coming out of turn 2, Stuhler held on and took fifth by inches at the line on lap 34.

Stuhler was running the bottom and challenged Frye for fourth. Stuhler had the spot by a nose on lap 38 but Frye took it back the following lap.

Dylan Yoder’s first Lincoln Speedway win came 1.925 seconds over Bernheisel. Covert crossed the line third and Frye was fourth. Stuhler completed the top five.

Eric Walker Wires Wingless Super Sportsman Field for Victory

Pole-sitter Trent Yoder and Eric Walker were wheel to wheel going into turn 1 when the green flag dropped on the 20-lap feature. Walker had the advantage at the line to lead lap 1. Kevin Gutshall was up to third from his fifth starting spot.

Billy Brian and Tom Savage battled side by side for fourth with Savage holding the spot. The caution came out on lap 4 when Blake Brooks stopped in turn 3 and Michael Smith was stopped in turn 2.

Walker led Yoder, Gutshall, Brian and Savage to the cone for the restart. Brian was up to third but Gutshall got back by him to reclaim the spot.

Brian up to third Gutshall back by him to reclaim the spot

Matt Cisney raced his way into the top five on lap 6. Steve Wilbur reeled Cisney in to challenge him for the spot.

Walker was pulling away from the field at the halfway-point.

Brian got back by Gutshall for third and started to reel in Yoder to battle for second. Brian took the runner-up spot on lap 14.

Lapped traffic loomed ahead of Walker with three laps to go. Brian was cutting into Walker’s lead but did not have enough time to make a move.

Walker scored his first career Lincoln win by 1.299 seconds over Brian. Gutshall was third and Cliff Brian Jr. was fourth. Yoder crossed the line fifth.

Tyler Knaub Scores Extreme Stock Win

Tyler Knaub started on the pole of the 20-lap feature and took the lead when the green flag waved with Jason Townsend challenging for the top spot. The caution came out on the first lap when Townsend spun in turn 4 as he battled for the lead.

Brian Walls moved up to the front row for the complete restart. Sam Rial was up to third from this fifth starting spot to challenge Walls for second. Rial took the spot on lap 2. Lap 2 also saw the yellow flag for debris on the back stretch.

Knaub led Rial, Walls, Donnie Broderick and Marshall McMullen for the restart. Rial took the lead on lap 4 and left Knaub to hold off a Walls who was looking for second.

Rial was pulling away from the field as multiple side by side battles for position ensued behind him. Lap 7 saw a caution for Jim Rost.

The top five for the restart were Rial, Knaub, Walls, McMullen and Bob Scott Jr.

Knaub and Walls continued their battle for second. Knaub would inherit the lead on lap 9 when the caution came out for the leader, Rial. Rial’s car was blowing smoke and he took his car to the pits, ending his night.

Knaub led Scott, Walls, Broderick and McMullen to the cone for the single-file restart. As the field came to the cone, rain started to fall. Scott got under Knaub to challenge for the lead and took it on lap 10. The caution came out on lap 11 when Doughtrey stopped on the front stretch. The rain was coming down harder and track officials sent the cars to the pits for a delay.

When the field lined up for the restart after the weather delay it was Scott, Knaub, Walls, McMullen and Patrick McClane at the front.

Knaub looked under Scott to challenge for the lead but Scott held the spot. Townsend was back up to fifth after having to restart at the rear after his first lap mishap.

Once again Knaub reclaimed the lead after a misfortune by the leader. Scott stopped on the track while leading on lap 14, bringing out the caution. Knaub led Walls, McMullen, Townsend and McClane for the restart.

Shane McQuay got by McClane to get into the top 5 on lap 17. Right after finding his way into the top 5, McQuay spun in turn 1 on lap 18 bringing out the caution. Will Long, Jordan Fulton and Jim Rost Jr. were also collected.

The top five for the final restart were Knaub, Walls, Townsend, McMullen and Scott. Scott looked under McMullen and McQuay made it a three-car battle for fourth.

Knaub got to the checkered flag .968 seconds ahead of Walls for the win. Townsend crossed the line third and Scott was fourth. McMullen completed the top five.

Robbie Carroll Bests 50-car Limited Stock Field for Win

Shannon Weaver bested pole-sitter Robbie Carroll when the green flag dropped to lead lap 1. Brian Racine and Chris Anderson battled for fourth with Racine keeping the spot. Matt Chronister came to a top in turn 4 on lap 5 bringing out the caution.

Weaver led Carroll, Terry Hartlaub, Racine and Anderson for the restart. Carroll was on Weaver’s bumper and the two were wheel-to-wheel coming out of turn 4 but Weaver held the spot. Racine was working on Hartlaub for third while Carroll continued to put pressure on Weaver.

Matt Chronister stopped on the front stretch on lap 12 bringing out the yellow flag.

Hartlaub got his nose under Carroll on the restart but could not make the pass. The caution flag came out again on lap 14 when Justin Oberlin stopped on the front stretch.

Carroll got to the outside of Weaver on the restart to challenge for the lead. They raced wheel to wheel down the back stretch with Carroll taking the lead by half a car length at the line on lap 16. Just after losing the lead, Weaver had a right front tire issue which brought out the caution and ending his night. Hartlaub, who had been running third, stopped in the top of turns 1 and 2.

Carroll led Racine, Anderson, Travis Brown and Brandon Hoffner for the final restart. Anderson looked to the inside of Racine and Brown took that as an opportunity to pounce and took third on lap 17.

Racine was running with Carroll but there was not enough time to make a pass for the lead. The top five were Carroll, Racine, Anderson, Brown and Hoffner.

Next Saturday, September 17, Lincoln Speedway is back in action with the $20,000 to win Dirt Classic IV with the All Star Circuit of Champions. Racing starts at 7:00PM with pit gates open at 3:30PM and grandstands open at 4PM.

To get all the latest news, results, schedule changes and rule changes, visit Lincoln Speedway’s website at to stay up-to-date on all the action or pending weather conditions at Central Pennsylvania’s “Premier” Saturday night racetrack – The Fabulous Lincoln Speedway.



Saturday, September 10, 2022


Abbottstown, PA

Super Late Models:

Super Late Model Feature Finish (40 Laps) – 1. 27-Dylan Yoder ($4,000); 2. 119-Bryan Bernheisel; 3. 43A-Jason Covert; 4. 32-Coleby Frye; 5. 4-Gary Stuhler; 6. 72-Tyler Emory; 7. 4S-Danny Snyder; 8. 31-Jim Bernheisel; 9. 14-Tyler Horst; 10. B2-Brian Booze; 11. 74-Randy Christine; 12. 93-Cory Lawler; 13. 21-Chad Myers; 14. 121-Larry Neiderer; 15. 44S-Scott Sweeney (DNF); 16. 1-Gene Knaub (DNF); 17. 21M-Matt Murphy (DNF); 18. 5W-Travis Horan (DNF); 19. 33-Kenny Kluge (DNF); 20. X-Bernie Beard (DNF); 21. 20-Trevor Feathers (DNF); 22. 0-Deshawn Gingerich (DNF); 23. 2J-Justin Weaver (DNS)

Lap Leaders – Dylan Yoder (1-40)

Super Late Model Heat One Finish (8 laps) – 1. 0-Deshawn Gingerich; 2. 72-Tyler Emory; 3. 2J-Justin Weaver; 4. 32-Coleby Frye; 5. 14-Tyler Horst; 6. 20-Trever Feathers; 7. X-Bernie Beard; 8. 21-Chad Myers

Super Late Model Heat Two Finish (8 laps) – 1. 119-Bryan Bernheisel; 2. 27-Dylan Yoder; 3. 74-Randy Christine; 4. 4-Gary Stuhler; 5. 43A-Jason Covert; 6. 5w-Travis Horan; 7. 44s-Scott Sweeney; 8. 33-Kenny Kluge

Super Late Model Heat Three Finish (8 laps) – 1. 93-Cory Lawler; 2. 4s-Danny Snyder; 3. 1-Gene Knaub; 4. 121-Larry Neiderer; 5. B2-Brian Booze; 6. 12M-Matt Murphy; 7. 31-Jim Bernheisel (DNF)

Wingless Super Sportsman:

Wingless Super Sportsman Feature Finish (20 laps) – 1. 88W-Eric Walker ($1,200); 2. 16-Billy Brian Jr.; 3. 63-Kevin Gutshall; 4. 28-Cliff Brian Jr.; 5. 66-Trent Yoder; 6. 59-Steve Wilbur; 7. 55-Matt Cisney; 8. 8M-Chris Meleason; 9. 2A-Brett Perigo; 10. 93-Matt Ondek; 11. 28N-Brian Nace; 12. 14-Rohan Beasley; 13. X-Tom Savage; 14. 33-Chad Thomas; 15. 9B-Blake Brooks; 16. 2J-Jason Failor; 17. 24-Jake Liddick (DNF); 18. 76-Michael Smith (DNF)

Lap Leaders – Eric Walker (1-20)

Wingless Super Sportsman Sprint Heat One Finish (8 laps) – 1. 63-Kevin Gutshall; 2. X-Tom Savage; 3. 88W-Eric Walker; 4. 66-Trent Yoder; 5. 76-Michael Smith; 6. 24-Jake Liddick; 7. 8M-Chris Meleason; 8, 93-Matt Ondek; 9. 2J-Jason Failor (DNS)

Wingless Super Sportsman Heat Two Finish (8 laps) – 1. 33-Chad Thomas; 2. 59-Steve Wilbur; 3. 16-Billy Brian Jr.; 4. 55-Matt Cisney; 5. 28-Cliff Brian Jr.; 6. 2a-Brett Perigo; 7. 28N-Brian Nace; 8. 9B-Blake Brooks; 9. 14-Rohan Beasley


Extreme Stocks:

Extreme Stocks Feature Finish (20 laps) – 1. 5-Tyler Knaub; 2. 28-Brian Walls; 3. 41-Jason Townsend; 4. 47-Bob Scott Jr.; 5. 11M-Marshall McMullen; 6. 3B-Shane McQuay; 7. 91L-Will Long; 8. 7-Jordan Fulton; 9. 11D-Patrick McClane; 10. 75-Jim Rost Jr.; 11. 77-Jeff Walsh (DNF); 12. 97-Donnie Broderick (DNF); 13. 98D-Richard Doughtrey (DNF); 14. 7F-Hunter Fulton (DNF); 15. 11R-Sam Rial (DNF); 16. 17R-Jim Rost (DNF); 17. 65H-Ty Huntsberger (DNF); 18. 12M-Jake Markey (DNF); 19. 12H-Bryan Hare (DNF)

Lap Leaders – Tyler Knaub (1-3 & 14-20), Sam Rial (4-9), Bob Scott Jr. (10-13)

Extreme Stock Heat One Finish (8 laps) – 1. 11R-Sam Rial; 2. 12-Jake Markey; 3. 11M-Marshall McMullen; 4. 28-Brian Walls; 5. 7J-Jordan Fulton; 6. 12H-Bryan Hare; 7. 7F-Hunter Fulton (DNF); 8. 3D-Shane McQuay (DNF); 9. 65H-Ty Huntsberger (DNF)

Extreme Stock Heat Two Finish (8 laps) – 1. 97-Donnie Broderick; 2. 41-Jason Townsend; 3. 47-Bob Scott Jr.; 4. 5-Tyler Knaub; 5. 11D-Patrick McClane; 6. 91L-Will Long; 7. 77-Jeffrey Waltz; 8. 98D-Richard Dougherty; 9. 17R-Jim Rost; 10. 7s-Jim Rost Jr.

Limited Stocks:

Limited Stocks Feature Finish (20 laps) – 1. 69-Robbie Carroll; 2. 35-Brian Racine; 3. 47-Travis Brown; 4. 516-Chris Anderson; 5. H12-Brandon Hoffner; 6. 21-Ricky Weaver; 7. 7R-Rob Rudisill Jr.; 8. 15M-Nick McDaniel; 9. H15-AJ Hoffman (DNF); 10. 2-Chad Weaver (DNF); 11. 40-Noah Swank (DNF); 12. 77-Justin Mong (DNF); 13. 44-Clint Heimbaugh (DNF); 14. 99XL-Rob Storms (DNF); 15. 5-Shannon Weaver (DNF); 16. 92-Terry Hartlaub (DNF); 17. 88-Justin Oberlin (DNF); 18. 64G-Rusty Garlock (DNF); 19. 777J-Jeff Erb (DNF); 20. 81-Matt Chronister (DNF); 21. 11C-Lee Zook (DNF); 22. 16-Julio Perez (DNF); 23. 17-Carl Cassell (DNS); 24. 10-Jason Jarvis (DNS)

Lap Leaders: Shannon Weaver (1-16) & Robbie Carroll (17-20)

Limited Stock Heat One Finish (8 laps) – 1. 64G-Rusty Garlock; 2. 69-Robbie Carroll; 3. 2-Chad Weaver; 4. 777J-Jeff Erb; 5. 44-Clint Heimbaugh; 6. 5s-Marlyn Runk III; 7. 10s-Kevin Stine; 8. 51-Zach Rill; 9. 9-Jason Chittum; 10. 3R-Colton Rudisill; 11. 87-Wesley Miller (DNF); 12. 19R-Tyler Denike (DNF); 13. 22-Chad Martin (DNF)

Limited Stock Heat Two Finish (8 laps) – 1. 47-Travis Brown; 2. 92-Terry Hartlaub; 3. 21-Ricky Weaver; 4. 7R-Rob Rudisill Jr.; 5. 77-Justin Mong; 6. H15-AJ Hoffner; 7. 81-Matt Chronister; 8. 7-Tyler Stine; 9. 72-Gary Claypoole; 10. 51K-Andrew Keefer; 11. 62-Chris Bigelow; 12. 35H-Lonnie Hobday (DNF); 13. 519-Jeff Svendsen (DNF)

Limited Stock Heat Three Finish (8 laps) – 1. 516-Chris Anderson; 2. 15m-Nick McDaniel; 3. H12-Brandon Hoffner; 4. 88-Justin Oberlin; 5. 10-Jason Jarvis; 6. 64-Ben Stoner; 7. 99XL-Rob Storms; 8. 98-Quinten Beeman; 9. 53-Brody Tolstyka; 10. 66-Louis Heffner; 11. 516A-Tiana Anderson (DNF); 12. 99-Cody Klinedinst (DNF); 13. 32-Jeff Foster (DNF)

Limited Stock Heat Four Finish (8 laps) – 1. 35-Brian Racine; 2. 5-Shannon Weaver; 3. 11C-Lee Zook; 4. 16-Julio Perez; 5. 40-Noah Swank; 6. 17-Carl Cassell; 7. 8-Tyler Kline; 8. 21J-Lem Crawford; 9. 31-Wayne Selby; 10. 99X-Creden Sponseller; 11. 19K-Cameron Kohler; 12. 46-Devon McCarthy

Limited Stock Consy One Finish (10 laps) – 1. 81-Matt Chronister; 2. H15-AJ Hoffner; 3. 77-Justin Mong; 4. 44-Clint Heimbaugh; 5. 51K-Andrew Keefer; 6. 87-Wesley Miller; 7.  72-Gary Claypoole; 8. 51-Zach Rill; 9. 9-Jason Chittum; 10. 10s-Kevin Stine (DNF); 11. 19R-Tyler Denike; 12. 5s-Marlyn Runk III (DNF); 13. 35H-Lonnie Hobday (DNF); 14. 7-Tyler Stine (DNF); 15. 3R-Colton Rudisill (DNS); 16. 62-Chris Bigelow (DNS); 17. 22-Chad Martin (DNS); 18. 519-Jeff Svendsen (DNS)

Limited Stock Consy Two Finish (10 laps) – 1. 17-Carl Cassell; 2. 40-Noah Swank; 3. 10-Jason Jarvis; 4. 99XL-Rob Storms; 5. 8-Tyler Kline; 6. 53-Brody Tolstyka; 7. 99X-Creden Sponseller; 8. 64-Ben Stoner; 9. 66-Louis Heffner; 10. 46-Devon McCarthy (DNF); 11. 19K-Cameron Kohler (DNF); 12. 99-Cody Klinedinst (DNF); 13. 32-Jeff Foster (DNF); 14. 98-Quinten Beeman (DNS); 15. 21J-Lem Crawford (DNS); 16. 31-Wayne Selby (DNS); 17. 516A-Tiana Anderson (DNS)