Saturday, June 24, 2023


Abbottstown, PA




Monday, June 26, 2023 (7:30PM) PA SPEEDWEEK: 410 Sprints ($8,000 to win)

Saturday, July 1, 2023 (6PM) CROWNSTONE EQUIPMENT NIGHT presented by GENE LATTA FORD: Central PA Legends, 600 Xcel Modifieds, 600 Wingless Micros plus Limited Stocks

Saturday, July 8, 2023 (7PM) HANOVER BUILDING SYSTEMS NIGHT: 410 Sprints and 358 Sprints plus KIDS NIGHTS with Big Wheel Races

Abbottstown, PA (June 24, 2023) – “They say its better to chase than to lead,” that statement came from Anthony Macri who chased Danny Dietrich for the first 26 laps of the 30 lap feature on Saturday night before scoring the first win of 2023 PA Speedweek and claiming the $10,092 to win Kevin Gobrecht Memorial. The final five laps of the feature were epic as Macri, Dietrich and Brent Marks all vied for the win as they worked around lapped cars. Macri gave a recap from his point of view of the wild finish, “Where Danny went I went to the opposite lane. I saw the chance to make a move in 1 and 2 and I slid Danny and the next thing I knew I saw the 19.” The three swapped spots with sliders galore, “It makes you get up in the seat a bit when you’re racing these two. You know they’re going to race you hard but they’re going to race you clean.”

Lincoln has honored the late Kevin Gobrecht for 24 years with the Kevin Gobrecht Memorial. Macri’s career started well after Kevin’s passing, but his legacy continues on with the annual race, “I don’t know much about Kevin other than he was a badass wheel man. Anyone you talk to has absolutely nothing but great things to say about him as a driver and a person. To be able to win a race in his name is pretty special for anyone and its special to me.”

Lucas Wolfe drew the pole for Saturday night’s feature and Danny Dietrich lined up to his outside. The two raced wheel to wheel at the flag stand, through turns 1 and 2 and down the back stretch. Danny eventually got the advantage over Wolfe as they raced out of turn 4.

Anthony Macri was closing in on Wolfe for second and took it by a nose on lap 3. Chad Trout followed sending Wolfe back to fourth. Brent Marks was also moving up through the field and got by Wolfe for fourth in turn 1. Trout showed his nose under Macri in turns 3 and 4 but did not make the pass. Marks got by Trout in turn 2 but Trout tried to reclaim the spot down the back stretch. Marks held and took third on lap 9.

As Dietrich entered lapped traffic on lap 9, he had cars racing three-wide in front of him. Trout was still hot on Marks’ tail tank trying to reclaim third. Trout took the spot back on lap 12, but Marks battled back and reclaimed the spot on the next lap.

Justin Peck entered the picture as he made a bid for third. Marks, Trout, Peck and Wolfe were all battling for position with lapped traffic in play.

Macri was closing in on Danny and Peck took fourth from Trout by inches at the line on lap 17.

Lapped traffic was racing three-wide again in front of Danny and this time Macri was right there to challenge for the lead. Marks was also closing in on the leaders as he worked his way around lapped cars.

Macri got under Dietrich but Danny moved down to block his line forcing Macri to move up the track. Macri got under Danny again this time taking the lead, but Dietrich took it back as they entered turn 3, holding on to the top spot. The next lap Marks tried to slide both Macri and Dietrich in turns 3 and 4 which resulted in Macri taking the lead.

Danny went low and reclaimed the lead coming out of turn 2 but Macri held on by inches at the line with two laps to go.

Dietrich was all over Macri on the last lap with Marks right there in play too.

Macri won the epic battle by .916 over Marks who managed to slip by Dietrich on the final lap. Danny was third and Peck crossed the line fourth. Freddie Rahmer worked his way up through the field to finish fifth.

Bob Scott Jr. Scores First Lincoln Win

Jason Townsend and Jake Jones made up the front row for the start of the 20-lap feature on Saturday night. Jones took the lead and had Alex Updegraff in tow with Alex taking the lead from his fourth starting spot. Jones was in second with Blake Decker in third. Decker got by Jones for second leaving Jones to fend off a challenge from Sammy Rial for third.

Rial, Bob Scott Jr. and Jones went three-wide for third with Rial taking the spot. Scott and Rial were wheel to wheel at the line on lap 4 for the spot. Scott kept moving forward and was up to second on lap five after starting eighth. Scott took the lead from Updegraff on lap 7. Rial followed and took second at the line.

The first caution of the race came on lap 7 as Hunter Fulton slowed on the track.

Scott led Rial, Decker, Jones and McClane on the restart. Rial looked to the bottom on the restart but Scott held the lead as he raced through the middle of the turns. McClane up next to Jones for fourth when the caution came out for Tyler Knaub and Will Long who both got spun out in turn 2 on lap 6.

The top five for the restart were Scott, Rial, Decker, McClane and Jones. Scott continued to lead. Mike Goodwin had started 18th and was up to sixth on lap 11. Goodwin was working on Jones for a spot in the top five when Bryan Hare was facing the wrong way bringing out the caution on lap 12.

Scott, Rial, Decker, McClane and Jones made up the top five for the restart. Rial was all over Scott on the restart. Decker nearly got out of shape in turn 2 allowing Jones to get by him for third. Scott Sipe was up to fifth as McClane was starting to feel the effects of a flat tire. The caution came out on lap 14 for McClane who had succumbed to his tire issue.

Scott, Rial, Jones, Decker and Sipe were the top five for the restart. Sipe was up next to Decker and took fourth at the line by inches. The two continued to race wheel to wheel for the position.

Goodwin got under Decker for fifth and nearly had Sipe with three to go. Goodwin was up to third with two laps to go. Sipe was there to challenge Goodwin but could not make the late race pass.

Scott scored his first career Lincoln Speedway win 1.501 seconds over Rial. Goodwin charged through the field for a third place finish. Hunter Fulton crossed the line fourth and Sipe held on to finish fifth.

This Monday, June 26, Lincoln Speedway is back in action with PA Speedweek for the 410 sprints. Racing starts at 7:30PM with pit gates opening at 5PM and grandstand gates opening at 5:30PM.

To get all the latest news, results, schedule changes and rule changes, visit Lincoln Speedway’s website at Visit the website to stay up-to-date on all the action or pending weather conditions at Central Pennsylvania’s “Premier” Saturday night racetrack – The Fabulous Lincoln Speedway.



Saturday, June 24, 2023


Abbottstown, PA

Gene Latta Ford 410 Sprints:

410 Sprint Feature (30 Laps) – 1. 39M-Anthony Macri ($10,092); 2. 19M-Brent Marks; 3. 48-Danny Dietrich; 4. 13-Justin Peck; 5. 8R-Freddie Rahmer; 6. 1X-Chad Trout; 7. 5W-Lucas Wolfe; 8. 58-Tanner Thorson; 9. 2D-Chase Dietz; 10. 45-Jeff Halligan; 11. 44-Dylan Norris; 12. 91-Kyle Reinhardt; 13. 75-Tyler Ross; 14. 23B-Devon Borden; 15. 6-Ryan Smith; 16. 5E-Brandon Rahmer; 17. 39T-Cameron Smith; 18. 11T-TJ Stutts; 19. 33-Riley Emig; 20. 99M-Kyle Moody; 21. 4R-Zane Rudisill; 22. 55S-Dallas Schott (DNF); 23. 11A-Austin Bishop (DNF); 24. 69-Tim Glatfelter (DNF)

Lap Leaders – Danny Dietrich (1-26) & Anthony Macri (27-30)

410 Sprint Heat One Finish (10 laps) – 1. 58-Tanner Thorson; 2. 2D-Chase Dietz; 3. 45-Jeff Halligan; 4. 13-Justin Peck; 5. 33-Riley Emig; 6. 55S-Dallas Schott; 7. 35T-Tyler Esh; 8. 38S-Brett Strickler; 9. 5F-Glenndon Forsythe; 10. 36A-Eddie Lumbar

410 Sprint Heat Two Finish (10 laps) – 1. 48-Danny Dietrich; 2. 1X-Chad Trout; 3. 8R-Freddie Rahmer; 4. 44-Dylan Norris; 5. 75-Tyler Ross; 6. 5E-Brandon Rahmer; 7. 4R-Zane Rudisill; 8. 16-Matt Campbell; 9. 23A-Chris Arnold

410 Sprint Heat Three Finish (10 laps) – 1. 39M-Anthony Macri; 2. 23-Devon Borden; 3. 91-Kyle Reinhardt; 4. 19M-Brent Marks; 5. 11-TJ Stutts; 6. 99M-Kyle Moody; 7. 8-Billy Dietrich; 8. 90-Jordan Givler; 9. 16A-Aaron Bollinger (DNF)

410 Sprint Heat Four Finish (10 laps) – 1. 39T-Cameron Smith; 2. 69-Tim Glatfelter; 3. 6-Ryan Smith; 4. 11A-Austin Bishop; 5. 5w-Lucas Wolfe; 6. 00K-Kyle Spence; 7. 27-Troy Wagaman; 8. 27s-Alan Krimes; 9. 7H-Trey Hivner

410 Sprint Consy Finish (12 laps) – 1. 99M-Kyle Moody; 2. 55S-Dallas Schott; 3. 5E-Brandon Rahmer; 4. 4R-Zane Rudisill; 5. 27-Troy Wagaman; 6. 35T-Tyler Esh; 7. 16-Matt Campbell; 8. 00K-Kyle Spence; 9. 27s-Alan Krimes; 10. 8-Billy Dietrich; 11. 38S-Brett Strickler; 12. 23A-Chris Arnold; 13. 90-Jordan Givler; 14. 7H-Trey Hivner (DNF); 15. 5F-Glenndon Forsythe (DNF); 16. 36A-Eddie Lumbar (DNF); 17. 16A-Aaron Bollinger (DNS)

410 Sprint Time Trial Results: 1. 13- Justin Peck 13.359; 2. 1X-Chad Trout 13.542; 3. 19M-Brent Marks 13.546; 4. 5w-Lucas Wolfe 13.607; 5. 58-Tanner Thorson 13.620; 6. 8R-Freddie Rahmer 13.633; 7. 39M-Anthony Macri 13.645; 8. 39T-Cameron Smith 13.683; 9. 2D-Chase Dietz 13.689; 10. 48-Danny Dietrich 13.682; 11. 91-Kyle Reinhardt 13.698; 12. 7H-Trey Hivner 13.730; 13. 45-Jeff Halligan 13.792; 14. 44-Dylan Norris 13.805; 15. 23B-Devon Borden 13.809; 16. 69-Tim Glatfelter 13.819; 17. 33-Riley Emig 13.848; 18. 75-Tyler Ross 13.856; 19. 11T-TJ Stutts 13.861; 20. 11A-Austin Bishop 13.861; 21. 55S-Dallas Schott 13.872; 22. 5E-Brandon Rahmer 13.890; 23. 16A-Aaron Bollinger 13.905; 24. 27-Troy Wagaman 13.911; 25. 35T-Tyler Esh 13.967; 26. 16-Matt Campbell 13.975; 27. 8-Billy Dietrich 13.981; 28. 6-Ryan Smith 14.032; 29. 5F-Glenndon Forsythe 14.086; 30. 23A-Chris Arnold 14.135; 31. 99M-Kyle Moody 14.143; 32. 27s-Alan Krimes 14.167; 33. 38S-Brett Strickler 14.198; 34. 4R-Zane Rudisill 14.277; 35. 90-Jordan Givler 14.356; 36. 00K-Kyle Spence 14.364; 37. 36A-Eddie Lumbar 15.287

Extreme Stocks:

Extreme Stock Feature Finish (20 laps) – 1. 47-Bob Scott Jr.; 2. 11R-Sam Rial; 3. 33-Michael Goodwin; 4. 7F-Hunter Fulton; 5. 65S-Scott Sipe; 6. 11B-Keith Bissinger; 7. 92-Blake Decker; 8. 7J-Jake Jones; 9. 97-Donnie Broderick; 10. 25-Nate Romig; 11. 5-Tyler Knaub; 12. 6G-Gordie Marshall; 13. 7-Jordan Fulton; 14. 35-Gavin Shaffer; 15. 79-Patrick McClane (DNF); 16. 12H-Bryan Hare (DNF); 17. 29-Roger Rhodes (DNF); 18. 51-Hunter Whitcomb (DNF); 19. 91L-Will Long (DNF); 20. 1-Alex Updegraff (DNF); 21. 41-Jason Townsend (DNF)

Lap Leaders – Alex Updegraff (1-6) & Bob Scott Jr. (7-20)

Extreme Stock Heat One Finish (8 laps) – 1. 47-Bob Scott Jr.; 2. 1-Alex Updegraff; 3. 25-Nate Romig; 4. 7J-Jake Jones; 5. 5-Tyler Knaub; 6. 79-Patrick McClane; 7. 91L-Will Long; 8. 97-Donnie Broderick; 9. 65S-Scott Sipe; 10. 11B-Keith Bissinger; 11. 35-Gavin Shaffer (DNF)

Extreme Stock Heat Two Finish (8 laps) – 1. 11R-Sam Rial; 2. 7F-Hunter Fulton; 3. 41-Jason Townsend; 4. 92-Blake Decker; 5. 7-Jordan Fulton; 6. 12H-Bryan Hare; 7. 6G-Gordie Marshall; 8. 51-Hunter Whitcomb; 9. 33-Mike Goodwin (DNF); 10. 29-Roger Rhodes (DNF)